Understory is based in Sandpoint, Idaho. We are the indie producers of Understory Chai Tea Concentrate, and operate a radical cafe in Northern Idaho.


Guatemala San Pedrana

Guatemala San Pedrana


We are very excited to have a Direct Trade relationship with the coffee farmers of Yepocapa, Guatemala. 

“This is our second year working with the 120-plus members of the San Padrana CO-OP. Last year we purchased 6,000 lbs of this outstanding coffee, which was received very well by our customers. This year, after visiting the farmers there and realizing what an enormous positive impact our purchases mean to them, we have committed to buying 45,000 lbs.  These farmers work extremely hard for 6 days per week all year long and earn less than $4 per day. By paying an additional 84 cents per pound above what they would receive from their current exporter, we will add $37,800.00 additional profit to be split among the farmers. This is an additional $1/day per farmer extra.” - Our Roaster, Landgrove Coffee Roasting, Troy ID.

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